Many of us believe that stress has a negative impact on our wellness and is utterly harmful in so many ways. We can literally feel stress elicit unwanted changes to our bodies such as tension, rapid breathing and an increased heart rate. Studies show that stress is not to blame but how we view stress is what actually impacts our health.

When we change our minds about stress not necessarily eliminate stress, we actually develop the biology of courage, experience more joy and become more social. Our minds are more powerful than we believe and our bodies are better equipped than we challenge them to be. Why live a below optimal life than the one we are blessed with?
Let us look at the mechanical definition of stress - a force acting on a component.

Very much like the string on a yo-yo or also a kite. The tension or ‘stress’ applied to the string is what allows for movement to happen. So proper functioning REQUIRES stress.

After watching this Ted talk, I have learned, as McGonigal states, how to be ‘better at stress’. We know that the hurried lives we live with increased demands will not change, but we can certainly change our perception.