Featuring 'MARCH WELLS' of information to complement your WELLNESS. (Better late than never? Thank you for your patience as I catch up on everything! APRIL WELLS coming right behind this one!) 

Dip into any WELL that you may need more of and enJOY your PATH of WELLNESS.


Easy going seated stretches for those long hours at the desk or on long flights!  Click on image or this LINK for video.




Is it Happiness that we are all really seeking?

In our daily quest for well being, and search for true healing and even in the desire to attain health and fitness, I wonder, are we all simply finding ways to meet a deeper desire for happiness?

Click HERE or on image to access.


Another supplement I recommend many to consider adding to their repertoire is Vitamin D. With the long winter months and lack of exposure to sunlight, and essentially due to food not fortified with vitamin D, many of us are deficient of this vital pro-hormone vitamin. This vitamin is essential in hormone balance and immune regulation of the body. GARDEN OF LIFE, again, is my go to brand for most of my supplements! Most vitamin D products are derived from sheepskin but this brand is completely vegan and plant derived! And it tastes yummy too.

Purchase at Whole Foods or any health food store. 


Another product I could not be without and I carry everywhere as well as keep at my bedside is Smith's Rosebud Salve. It is not only super hydrating and protective for your lips, but is great for burns, chafing, diaper rash, treating cuts, soften cuticles, hair, and even priming your eyelashes before curling.  AND also, it's inexpensive. Buy it on AMAZON or click on image to purchase.



Who doesn't LOVE chocolate??? Actually there are those few mutant type beings that don't care for this decadent treat but who am I to judge. When it comes to chocolate, I opt for at least 70% dark chocolate and of course, organic, fare trade, and non GMO. I also look for those chocolates that are soy free which are pretty hard to find. And so when I find a brand that meets all of the requirements, I stock up! Soy lecithin is essentially used as an emulsifier to create a desired consistency or to maintain the integrity of the flavor. It is an ingredient not necessarily harmful to many or in small doses however fo those who are opting, or required, to adhere to a soy free diet, and appreciate a responsible company, this is the brand for you! Find at Whole Foods or shop at their website. Click on LINK or image to SHOP. (Also quite affordable compared to many other quality chocolates. And they have assortment of products for your liking.)




I have yet been to this exhibit however it is on my list and has been for some time. Have you been? Something about the artists perspective of infinity and space and the illusion of eternity intrigues me. Back to my fascination with Space/Time, art and artist's depiction. Click HERE for an interview with YAYOI KUSUMA and on image for more information on exhibit. Maybe I will see you there!


Thank you for the positive feedback about the launch of PTR! This March NYC trip, I had THREE podcast recordings lined up and unfortunately I had to postpone them all. And so, in my time here in the Philippines, I will be recording podcast interviews with both my father and brother. Stay tuned for their wisdom which has aided in shaping who I am today!

For PTR episode 002 - Finding What Makes You Feel Alive with guest Louise Ganitis, click on image below or HERE to access podcast and let me know what you think! In advance, I apologize for the poor recording. I promise future episodes to be of better quality however the content for this episode was just too good to delete or re-record so I do hope you listen in!