Attempting a write up is proving to be as challenging as choosing which of the 40 presentations to attend live. I knew that some of them would be taped but there were those best seen live given the presenter's dynamic presence on stage. 

In addition, I was slightly nervous about the size of the event and the many influential people I wanted to also meet in person. Having worked for the company in the past and where I developed as a professional, it almost felt like a homecoming. I have included the large number of warm hugs from old friends and new ones too as part of my many highlights. 

Several nights leading into Equinox High Performance Living Symposium, my other half and I were developing our strategy. Make sure we cover as many topics as possible, get to see the presenters that are most inspiring to us and also gain insight on areas that are particularly relevant to our approach. But the morning of the first day, we simply went with our instinct. 

Keep in mind what I am sharing is only my interpretation and a small, tiny insight to the magnitude of the event. So read other's feedback, posts and experiences! I will continue to post more information as I review each presentation. I will begin this journey into HPLS with just the welcome messages and one key presentation. 



As the President of Equinox, Sarah gave an exciting overview as to the company profile and expansion in an extremely contagious energetic fashion. Speaking of fashion, I absolutely loved her dress. Wish I caught a photo but I was probably still in shock as to the significance of this forum. I mean they had a live social media feed on the big screens and a stage twice the size of last year. I'm starting to feel this is last year's 'Life Maximization' on steroids. 

Sarah's key take away for me was this - 'Health is the New Wealth'. Good health is not only a profitable industry as many people are investing in ways to enhance the quality of their lives, but thriving is directly proportionate to optimizing our purpose in this lifetime and as we learned this weekend, also in future lifetimes as the choices we make today influence us on a genetic level.  

'Good health yields ABUNDANCE.'  

I was so eager to hear David speak next as he is not just an engaging, eloquent speaker, but it is his vision and passion that has fueled this event. As the VP of Personal Training for Equinox, his MNR (Movement, Nutrition and Regeneration) philosophy is the lens upon which this symposium is constructed. His words danced around the presence of spirit, what moves us and more so about the bigger picture of which we are a small and yet significant part of. 

'During small frustrations, focus on the big picture. Never lose sight.' 

 'We are vessels to move our Spirit forward.'

I will conclude this introduction here as I will cluster the presentations based on themes around MNR platform.  But I will include here David Harris' talk on MNR



He mentioned in his talk that it was his own act of self transformation in his former experience with body building that led him initially to this vision of MNR. 

He lifted my spirit as he spoke of the privileged time we now live in, the importance of transparency and authenticity and how the work we do is to help connect people with spirit. I have to be honest and say David's words spoke to my soul as the work I do with others and most importantly what I have done with myself as a result of my own experiences, has elevated my consciousness. I had to hold back tears a few times as this clearly wasn't the right venue. Or was it? 

My ears were even extra perky when he started to talk about Regeneration. As this is my specific area of life work, I was thrilled to hear him say 

'Recovery is about connection and relationships. Self Care is about authenticity. Collaboration is key. And the degree to which You are self aware is how successful you will be with your clients.' 

Only two presentations in and I feel I need some oxygen. Or a good cry. But I need to run to the next event. A few deep breaths, some more hugs, water and self reflection...

Just a taste. Stay tuned for more.