It is said that we only use a small portion of our brain's capacity and that our subconscious mind is so much more powerful. It often becomes the driving force in so much of what we do. It is the 'why' that has been programmed in our brains, whether from experience or thoughts of an experience. Our thoughts, when repeated become beliefs which in turn are expressed in our behaviors. 

In a later discussion, we will look more closely at ways the brain acts in relation to trauma and experience, how it may manifest and also ways to gain emotional and mental health and wellness. This short video on with Dr. Catherine Coullatt provides great insight and guides you as to how to align your subconscious mind with your conscious goals in 5 steps.

'3% of our processing power is in our conscious mind and 97% is subconscious or autonomic, such as habits, breath, digestion etc. The power of your subconscious mind is a million times greater than your conscious mind. Not to say that the ego/will are weak but to know that even as powerful as they are, there exists within us something even a million times more powerful.'

'We usually go about challenges with our conscious mind, will, ego, determination - but if this is in contrast to the 97% (subconscious beliefs), then you will manifest which is greater. We must give clear direction by reinforcing and aligning it with your conscious goals (much like a computer).' 

'We need to get the most of our powerful subconscious mind by developing good habits, gaining mastery and becoming adept.'

Marie Forleo and Dr. Coullatt discuss a specific example as a reference in the video that you may relate to. Here are Dr. Coullatt's '5 steps to get your sub-conscious on board with your conscious goals and desires'.

  1. BE HUMBLE - Trust the subconscious enough that you want to learn from it. Listen to the wisdom you can find in your resistance. // You'll see that which you are resistant to, is the challenge that you discover growth. There's a lesson there.
  2. GET SPECIFIC - What exactly are these fears? Interview your subconscious like anyone you'd interview or want information from. Apply genuine curiosity and compassion. Get the details and applaud before you judge. // Why do you feel that way? When did it begin? How does it show itself in your body, behavior, thoughts? Your intention is to understand these fears as much as you can so you may have information to use as direction.
  3. MAKE A PROMISE - Set the intention to work it out and not against it. Make it a non-issue and make a promise. Tension dissipates and makes room to work it out. // I see what this is and this is what I will do. I will not focus on what this is but on what I promised to do.
  4. GET EXAMPLES - Use exemplary examples. Douse the subconscious with positive examples and case studies. Let the subconscious know what is possible. marry your heart and mind. The subconscious will do whatever you tell it is possible. // Your mind needs to conceive what the heart desires. Think thoughts affirming your potential.
  5. SOLIDIFY AND AFFIRM - The more you engrain in your subconscious, the more you can capitalize on its power and resources to facilitate and even execute your goal on your behalf - a reminder of what's possible. The road and only road in light of the promise made. Repeat as often as it feels good - right before bed, upon waking and during/after meditation as those times, the subconscious is most receptive. // Strengthen your beliefs with increased desired thoughts. 
 Dr. Catherine Collautt is a practicing philosopher, writer, metaphysician, and manifesting consultant. Dr. Collautt combines her varied expertise in traditional and non–traditional therapies, to help her clients resolve blocks and empower them to execute their highest and best potential. Her work may address any aspect of a client’s life (mental, emotional, physical, relational, financial and/or spiritual) to create and manifest the changes they desire. 

:: Are you afraid of the same exact thing that you want? Ever wonder why no matter what you do or how hard you go towards your goal, something always gets in the way? Watch this video! ::