IQ --> EQ --> ?

During one of my meditations, I had insight on a concept of a new measurement or metric we use similar to Intelligence Quotient (IQ) or what has become more mainstream, Emotional Quotient (EQ). It was pointed out in my meditation or dream state that as antiquated as the IQ model is, the EQ model is also rapidly becoming outdated as we are all advancing at an exponential rate as a species due to the immense amount (and rate) of input and information that is now available to us. We are demonstrating an inability to manage the sensory input that we are experiencing in this day and age.

The human species are becoming more adept at understanding the value of emotions as ‘emotional intelligence’ has been incorporated in many educational and corporate settings as part of the infrastructure to further develop and support both productivity and an enhanced quality of life. We have understood the value that emotions present, not only on our social interactions but also how well we know ourselves and our outside world.

But with the rapid advancement of technology ultimately leaving the society, which is now seen at a larger scale, in a heightened state of nervous system excitement, our functions as a species are changing and we have yet developed or understood how we can evolve at the same rate as the world around us.

This is placing great tension on our environment, externally and internally leaving us with a rapid growth of health issues, particularly involving both the endocrine system and the nervous system. Diseases involving brain health and endocrine disruption is at an all time high and rapidly increasing.

In my dream, I saw that the way we can adapt or evolve as a species is to focus on the health of these systems. This of course does not eliminate the need to address the environment and systems that dictate our lives but it seems best to first tackle this on an individual basis because after all, we are all connected.

And so this leads me to what was presented to me in my dream. We are to now further evolve as we increase our awareness and practice new ways to elevate our own earth experience through consciousness practices. Meditation, yoga, movement, high vibrational foods and environments, operating from our heart center - all of these things will directly affect our nervous system and our endocrine system as they communicate in the brain. Increasing the capacity for our brain to process information through the rich sensory input consciousness practices offer us, in turn gives us the resilience and the capacity to handle the changing times. It can be compared to a computer’s operating system, which we are also seeing the need to upgrade at a more rapid rate. If we choose to not upgrade our operating systems, it slows down how our computers function, it doesn’t have the capacity to run new or current programs, it is less efficient, develops viruses more rapidly and even crashes the computer altogether. 

In order for us to truly imagine how we can mitigate the amount of stress we are presented with, we must first upgrade our own operating system through consciousness practices. This is a predicament that was first noted in the early 1970s when the concept of 'Wellness' was first introduced. Wellness was a movement that was set out to address these concerns and was meant to offer education and support to manage rapidly changing times with the intention of promoting good health and vitality as a bottomless 'well' or resource. 

I envisioned a new metric to quantify a standard that needs to be met and can be better addressed and managed once it is quantified and standardized and the term Consciousness Quotient came to me. After all, the metrics upon which determine our viability on this planet too must evolve.

Upon waking from my dream state, I found that there was actually an organization in Europe that has been developing this Consciousness Quotient since 2005 with a highly sophisticated test. They have performed extensive research on how CQ can indicate academic achievement, is a predictor for executive functioning, can be used as a psychological evaluation and much more. The research has been extensive and continues. 

As a collective, the more we blame our outside environment for our experience, the more we are to be challenged and limited in our capacity to thrive. The pressure is most high at this time as we are collectively experience great change, trauma, the destruction of our environment, loss of interpersonal relationships and more. We can’t turn back the clock to more simpler days when our world was as small as what we can reach. Now our reach extends beyond and yet we are not taking care of ourselves and each other in a way that supports this rapid growth.

And so, with this long story, I ask that if you are not already, to start a practice of slowing down, connecting with yourself and others, meditating - even if that means a few silent minutes daily, quietly breathing without interruption, turning off your mobile device at dinnertime, meeting a stranger, recycling, planting vegetables, reducing your possessions, moving daily, praying for your neighbor… everything counts no matter how small. All we have is NOW. Let's continue to evolve and raise our consciousness so we may fully experience this lifetime in a way that supports ourselves and others. The time is here. 

I love you all. Thank you for reading.