Walking the streets of NYC, you can feel the energy rising as the evening of the new year approaches. A certain anxiety starts to brew within me as I reflect on what this holiday means. Growing up, my family often hosted a New Year's Eve celebration for my relatives which involved five families. We had so much fun. Mom prepared food for days for us to feast on all night and into the morning after. I recall all of the traditions (or superstitions) we engaged in which later in life developed into particular neuroses. (Sorry Mom but I am grateful for them now!) For example, our house had to be spotless, no dirty laundry, purged and cleansed of all things that are broken or have no meaning. We often wore new clothing (with polka dots to bring in prosperity), ate grapes at the stroke of midnight, lined the window sills with coins and our pockets had to also be filled with money. And when midnight would strike, we'd throw the coins in the air with cheer as we would all collect what would then be our good luck tokens for the coming year. 


Fast forward, New Year's Eve offers more or less the same sentiments. Celebration, gathering, gratitude, prosperity, abundance and joy. And this year, I have so much to be grateful for. Last year, I had claimed 2015 to be the year of expansion. And that it was. 

I traveled a great deal, explored different lands and visited family. I studied with Tom Myers, Michol Dalcourt, Tara Stiles, Alan Finger and Peter Levine. Sat in satsang with Deepak Chopra several times too. Created and launched my own website, launched on-line booking, gave several presentations and expanded my business outside of my treatment room as I've always wanted. Rebranded my business which included sharing more of myself and my journey.

In the process of my tremendous growth, I wound up becoming ill and disrupted my endocrine system. But because of this, I started a daily meditation and yoga practice and I even started to paint. However, all of these things are just that. Things and accomplishments or events but all of these experiences this year has led me to an ability to finally be comfortable with me. My smile is now genuine. I am learning how to be inside my body again. I can feel and express. And I'm also ok with those moments when I'm not ok. 

So as the new year approaches, may we not look at the 'things' we want to accomplish or 'places' we want to go but may we approach the new year with an ability to feel, making choices based on this. Because after all, it is how we feel that governs us or drives us, and feeling good can only lead you to the right places.

Feel good in all that you do. And if something doesn't feel good, then something is not right. Less effort, more ease. Less force, more grace. 

2015 - you have been so good to me! And 2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year of transition. I am incubating some new concepts and further enhancing my brand but most importantly, I have learned how to tap into my bottomless well of Love and Light. This year ahead, we are stepping into the truths of who we are based on revelations from this past year. Embracing all hardships with grace and ease. 

Happy New Year to You All! 

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