primitive learning series

Series of 8, 3 hour workshops spanning over the next 16 months to keep you engaged with your craft. Coming on-line and avaiable in -person.

Dates and more details coming soon. (Click on image to enlarge.)

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Better evaluate your client's needs through thorough assessment techniques that will ultimately inform your treatment plans, develop alliance with your client and deliver feedback that is both qualitative and quantitative to measure change.

Learn tools of assessment that are incorporated in your treatment, keeping your session client centered and gain insight on ways to communicate the benefits of cumulative sessions based on your findings.

Add value, build relationships, increase efficiency.

If you are a practitioner wanting to attend this workshop, submit an inquiry to learn of upcoming dates and locations.



In this two hour workshop, learn and experience the many wonderful benefits of prenatal massage. When touched with intention by your partner, it gives them an opportunity to be better engaged, building greater intimacy and a special bond during a time of tremendous change.

Elevate mood, decrease anxiety, reduce body aches/pain, decrease fetal activity, decrease in premature birth rate, lower cortisol, increase serotonin and dopamine, reduce labor pain, and build a deeper connection.


Gain tools and techniques to deliver deep and effective body work without exhaustion. Learn how to feel comfortable in your body no matter the circumstance nor challenge. Work deeper. Work longer. Work smarter.

If you are a spa owner or manage a team of practitioners, this is a great workshop for your staff so they may work safer, and longer. Workshop suited for groups no larger 12 practitioners.

If you are a practitioner wanting to attend this workshop, submit an inquiry to learn of upcoming dates and locations.



These 1 on 1 sessions have been a part of my mentorship program for over 10 years and have proven to be extremely valuable! Students have gained confidence in their skill sets, overcome any boundaries or fears, learned some valuable techniques, conserved their energy, and enhanced their communication skills. These sessions are also beneficial for seasoned practitioners who are looking for constructive feedback to keep their offerings progressive and engaging.

Suggestions and improvements offered on body mechanics, room presence, transitions, techniques, assessments - whatever you may need. Find new ways to deliver great sessions and build a strong repeat clientele.

Walk away with tools/techniques to implement immediately to enhance your practice. 


INTUITIVE MASSAGE is a unique approach to bodywork that best utilizes the combination of one’s already learned massage techniques to address the mind, body, spirit connection, by harnessing one’s own inherent intuitive abilities.

In this course, you will learn how to harmonize various modalities into a powerful and insightful experience for you and your clients. We will explore the many techniques available to us as bodyworkers to best identify any barriers, dysfunctions or blockages uncovering our client’s true healing. This approach, which is unique to every practitioner, will offer their clients an energetically efficient path to achieve homeostasis, facilitating the natural healing process in a more holistic and effective way.


Learn how to fine tune and harness your intuition to identify and/or witness discomfort, truly address root cause of pain, ultimately leading towards ease. Discover your own set of unique tools that are easily accessible when one is aligned with their purpose and connected to their intuitive self.

INTUITIVE MASSAGE was designed for a large class format however it has been piloted and recognized that the greatest results come from a 1 on 1 experience. Course has been redesigned to accommodate student's specific needs and also level of existing skills and intuitive approach.