Rainer Maria Rilke

Geraldine is super skilled not only as a a massage therapist, but as an overall healer. Her touch and energy is unparalleled.
In all my years of receiving bodywork, Geraldine is simply the best practitioner I have encountered. She was able to successfully address several issues I had and I felt the effect of the massage after every single session. I am now in much better health, thanks to Geraldine’s work.

Her discoveries inform my programming inside and outside of training sessions. She also helps create healthy habits for my clients that I align with. She works with me to further enforce the work my clients are doing inside and outside.
When I went to Geraldine rather than focus on the injury itself the entire initial session was devoted to determining and focusing on the cause. Future sessions were a combination of working on the causes as well as the injury in conjunction with my homework. As a result I no longer live with the daily pain that I had been experiencing for the previous 9 months.

I am now fully recovered. I regained my range of motion. My chronic pain is gone. I have strength in my shoulder again. I have corrected the use of my muscle groups to prevent reoccurrence. All thanks to the work Geraldine and I have done together.

Geraldine remains a good friend and a trusted health care provider in my life. She has even helped my wife through the ache’s and pains of pregnancy. Her care has been a gift and my family and I are truly grateful to have her in our lives.
Geraldine’s session was fundamental for my healing. I fell and broke my patella. The doctors decided to immobilize me for 6 weeks, instead of doing surgery. I couldn’t walk or anything.. The tight muscles got weak and became dysfunctional filled with adhesions. When I started with Geraldine I realized how bad everything was, and little by little, my movement was restored.
One word? Holistic. In addition to the physical aspect of massage therapy, by exchange with Geraldine, I’m able to understand better the correlation between my movement and my muscles/nerves, understand nutrition and its effect on my body, and increase overall awareness about regenerative habits.
I feel she is the most talented, thoughtful and personally invested therapist I’ve ever seen. My state of being and physicality are both dramatically improved after working with her!
Geraldine is truly my miracle worker. I’ve found that a real healer not only understands the body but can connect with people individually. This is an incredible gift that Geraldine possesses and I highly recommend her to anyone who is physically active, and requires restorative work. I am grateful to have found her.
Her work has offered me both physical, mental and spiritual release.
I’ve been a client of Geraldine going on 10 years. I’m an avid marathoner and endurance junkie. Geraldine’s work has helped with recovery and are preventative of major injuries. I once developed a chronic ache in my heel right before a marathon. Through her work and varied techniques, I healed and was able to complete the race without any pain or complications.
Faster recovery, less pain while being stationary at work, less pain during my all-important weekends. Less pain, period.
She makes you part of the healing process and you learn about your body along the way.
Life is better and pain-free because of Geraldine. Her craft is evident in her touch, voice and manner and it is much more than massage. It is the definition and gracious gift of wellness.
Thank you so much for an amazing session. I have no pain and significantly more rotation. I can finally imagine that I could be normal again.
Geraldine has greatly helped to improve my overall health over the past 9 years focusing on specific problem areas to general stress related soreness. She goes above the average massage therapy regime by offering advice and pointers about why certain areas have pain and what you can do about it going forward to improve. She truly seeks to improve your overall wellness by going above and beyond the norm in terms of expertise. She keeps up with you outside of the treatment room to make sure you are feeling okay and are on track.
I came to Geraldine with a left shoulder impingement. 3 months of traditional Western medicine - X-rays, muscle relaxers and physical therapy - had failed to improve my condition significantly. By the time I connected with Geraldine, I had chronic shoulder pain, extremely limited range of motion and numbness in my arm. At our first meeting, Geraldine took a holistic approach to my treatment. She considered not only the injured area of my body, but the rest of by body, my work environment, my home situation and other aspects of my life that to me seemed non-related to my injury. Geraldine would teach me how flawed my thinking was.

I began to improve rapidly under Geraldine’s care. After a few weeks, my range of motion began to return and I felt noticeably better. As I healed, I learned as well. Geraldine taught me how inter-related my muscles were. She also taught me how to prevent reoccurrence of my injury. Her approach to my recovery was comprehensive and thorough.
I’ve had many massages through the years, but no one has been able to have such a direct, long lasting impact on my hips like Geraldine.  As as athlete who suffered from scoliosis, I’ve coped with muscle tightness and injuries related to body misalignment for years.  Geraldine’s been able to work with me through the layers of muscles and release old, stuck energy in my hips.  Her work has helped my posture, flexibility, and how I move through the world.  The benefits have not only been physical, but emotional as well.  By helping my body relax and open, she’s given me greater awareness of how I hold and store my stress and allowed me to discover how the physical and emotional challenges in my life are linked.  She truly has a gift and I recommend her to many of my clients who are ready for body work that leaves them open physically and empowered emotionally.
I think I have never expressed how thankful I am that you helped me to get rid of my back pain I suffered from the ski accident back in 2006. I still cannot believe that I had to run around with this for years, seeing many doctors trying all sorts of things and after a few sessions with you - it just disappeared... and has never appeared again.
Geraldine, thanks again and I look forward to continue working with you on my fitness and health.
Geraldine brings to massage therapy a value set that holds the work we perform to be sacred healing.  Geraldine encouraged her therapists to perform knowledge-based massage treatments, regularly reviewing treatment protocols for specific client conditions.
She also fostered the spirit of individual growth and discovery, often checking in to see how our sessions progressed, genuinely interested in hearing our challenges and successes, and always ready to offer a helpful solution.  Most importantly, Geraldine willingly shared key body mechanic techniques that go a long way toward ensuring the safety and longevity of a busy massage therapist.Geraldine has been and continues to be an inspirational mentor in the field of massage therapy.
I was a young therapist straight out of school when I joined the same company that Geraldine Abergas was a part of.  It didn’t take long for me to find out who she was, her reputation proceeded her.  She was an amazing therapist with clients that adored her and a passionate skilled educator who developed airtight curriculums to instruct the therapists around her.
Once we met, the legend was confirmed.  I instantly decided she was going to be my mentor.  Geraldine was the type of therapist that I wanted to be like.  She is who I call for both counsel and bodywork.  I was blessed to be welcomed into her circle.  I assure you, you’ll want to be here too.
What can I say about Geraldine’s workshops? Well, 2 words come to heart.  Thank you. I have learned and relearned so much from her.  I have gained confidence in my skills.  I have the encouragement I need in building my business.  I have advanced a tier level (and I’m not stopping there!).  I have found my massage mentor.
Geraldine is one of those practitioners who has “the gift”.  She is not only well-trained, and experienced, but is able to go beyond the state of the art and bring an uncanny sixth sense to her diagnostic and therapeutic work. She also is a talented teacher capable of making complicated concepts easily accessible to those new to the field.  As a physician, it has been my privilege to count her as a colleague.
It is an honor to write about my experiences at Geraldine’s workshops.  She has enabled me to effectively treat a greater number of clients and conditions.  She has taught me advanced techniques for soft tissue manipulation of the shoulder girdle, neck, and chest which I use with many clients.  Additionally, she taught me better self care.  By using different body positioning and movements, I can perform more massages with greater ease.
I cannot thank you enough for that treatment today. I have never had an experience like that - so thorough and healing and tough at times but still very soothing and enjoyable. I look forward to seeing you again!
Post treatment session was great! She could get into her glute much more and hips seemed to be more open. We worked a lot on not going into cervical extension during her movement AND she squatted without hurting or going into her knees for the first time!!
Thank you my dear mentor and friend. You have given me so much, inspired me to reach higher and dream bigger. I will always be grateful for your support and insight.
Geraldine, thank you! I walked out of your office feeling greater peace in my body and spirit. Thank you for your help. Truly.
Was reminded of your genius today after an unfortunate massage that was gifted to me. She had no concept of anatomy and was about 1cm off everywhere she went and I feared injury! I am hoping I get the chance to work with you again when I am in town. You have changed my whole understanding of therapy. Thank You!
Your massage last week really helped me. I felt better and more balanced right away, as I told you. Afterwards, as I moved through the rest of the day, I noticed how much it really helped to unblock things, allowing me to move through the negative , spinning thoughts and achey, sluggishness I’d been feeling for a few days.
I feel physically amazing after working with you these 3-4 months. Before then I had resigned myself to thinking I just had to live with my shoulder issues for the rest of my life.
I feel fortunate to have met you. I have a lot more range of motion in both shoulders and no pain behind the right shoulder. I am able to now workout without pain.
Thank you for the therapy these few weeks. I feel wonderful. Seems like my posture is changing as well. It used to take effort to keep my shoulders back when standing. Now it seems to have improved!
I look forward to continued work with you. I really love your approach. For me at this point in my life, massage is primarily about spiritual healing, especially since I am so efficient at psychosomatic expression! I want and need to work with someone who gets that. I am sore today and I am sad but I get why. Thank you!
My pathology patient in clinic (who has had 15+ treatments with me since last trimester) said that after the session that she ‘really felt my confidence’ and that meant so much! So thank you for the ongoing encouragement. I also got to use some of the shoulder and subscap moves you showed us on my following client and it went really well! Thank you!
With regard to the client about whom I wanted to consult with you, know that your YouTube interview helped me see her through a different lens. I made some referrals and had her do more somatic awareness and touch exercises (including self-massage). She is much more connected with her body and can tolerate being angry, sad, and, on occasion, safe. Our talk based couples therapy is unstuck, and she is doing much better with feeling safe and with intimacy! Thanks for the virtual consult.